Who is Mr Harris?

Mr Harris had a dream. After listening to the many customers coming into his shop over the years, he realised that they all wanted the same thing. They wanted a complete British working dog food with high quality and premium ingredients for non premium prices.

Our working dogs are a big part of our working families, striving faithfully to do their best for us, and it's a small token of thanks to give them a high quality food that contains the vitamins and minerals they need to thrive and enjoy life to its potential. It's what we would do for anyone in our family, we all want the best.

After looking at the whole market out there, what people want and what our dogs need, Mr Harris' dog food was born, and we hope to continually grow and bring working dog families only what they want, for the best possible prices.

Our dog foods are crafted and produced in Lincolnshire, to an exceptional quality that you won't be dissapointed with, in a variety of recipes to suit all diets. For example our Premium and Grain Free ranges contain Chondroitin and Glucosamine as standard, recognised as highly beneficial for maintaining a dog's healthy joints.

Mr Harris stands for quality, and he stands for the swift wagging in your dogs tail when they see you reaching for the bowl. He stands for service, and being made to feel special, no matter how many legs we have. He stands for worth and value, and getting the meal you worked for. He stands for your dogs and you.

Vote Mr Harris every dinnertime !

We know your dogs will thank you for it!